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Terms and Conditions for Stocks on the LOYAL3 Platform

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LOYAL3 Securities, Inc. (“LOYAL3”) makes available certain stocks for purchase that are direct offers from the issuer and subject to a prospectus available when you select “Learn More” for a stock. You should read the prospectus before investing. The information and the terms and conditions below apply to stocks that LOYAL3 makes available that are not direct offers from the issuer and, therefore, the offers are not subject to registration with the SEC by the issuer.

Through the online LOYAL3 platform, you may effect transactions in certain equity securities of companies traded on a U.S. exchange that are not part of a direct offer from the issuer. These stocks have been made available based on criteria – such as social media prominence and other indicia of broad appeal to consumers as selected by LOYAL3 – and the fact that LOYAL3 is making these stocks available has no relation to the value of such stocks. As with all securities available through the LOYAL3 platform, we are not making a recommendation and the availability of any security on our platform does not mean that such security is an appropriate investment for you. As with all equity securities, the stock may gain or lose in value and there is a risk that it could lose all value.

LOYAL3 charges no commissions on the purchase or sale of these stocks.

These Terms and Conditions supplement the LOYAL3 Brokerage Account Agreement. The following are specific to these purchases:

Payment. All purchases through LOYAL3 are paid for by electronic fund transfer out of your bank account or by charge to your credit or debit card. For automatic monthly share purchases at the preset amounts of $10, $25, or $50, you can pay by electronic transfer (“ACH”) from your designated checking account or by using your credit or debit card. One-time share purchases and “Custom” automatic monthly payments (other than the $10/$25/$50 preset amounts) may be paid for by ACH only.

Maximum Amount of Purchases. Purchases may be done on a one-time basis or may be scheduled to recur monthly. Purchase amounts must be between $10 and $2500, with a $2500 limit in any 30-day period.

Purchases and Sales. Securities transactions placed through LOYAL3 are not “real time” market orders, that is, orders executed in the market immediately after you enter your order, but, instead, are batched, and your order is then submitted with other orders in a given (usually daily) batch. That means that the price you will receive may differ from the market price of the shares at the time that you place your order.

Orders are batched once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Depending on when your funds are received at LOYAL3, your particular order will be included in the next processing cycle. Sale orders received by us by 2:00 pm Eastern Time of a trading day will generally be placed that same trading day. If you hold both full and fractional shares you may only sell your fractional portion if you liquidate the entire position.

Dividends. All cash dividends received in these stocks will be placed as cash in your account. LOYAL3 may later provide for automatic re-investment of dividends.

Termination of this Program. LOYAL3 may change or terminate this program at any time. Although you will not be able to purchase new shares of these Stocks if the program is terminated, you will be able to retain the stocks you have purchased in your LOYAL3 account and be able to sell them as described above.

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