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New to Investing?

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LOYAL3® offers a web and social media platform that enables you to buy stock directly from your favorite company's website or Facebook page, or through the LOYAL3 sites or applications, and pay no fees to buy or sell. 

LOYAL3 offers three kinds of programs: Stock in publicly traded companies, Stock in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Stock in Follow-on Offerings. Each is designed to broaden access to stock ownership, including people who have never invested before in stock. While LOYAL3 does not provide any recommendations or investment advice, nor will we advise participants about the advisability of any transaction, both the Companies offering stock and LOYAL3 may make educational tools available to investors. Among other things, LOYAL3 offers a Support Center to help you to understand special words or terminology relating to stock purchases, sales and ownership.

Like any equity securities (which means having an ownership interest in a company), the shares purchased through the LOYAL3 platform may increase or decrease in value (and could even potentially lose all their value). Each Company making a direct offering of stock provides a prospectus that describes the terms of the offering, as well as ways to obtain more information about the Company. Please read the prospectus carefully. If the stock is being made available directly from LOYAL3 in its role as a broker-dealer and there is no prospectus, additional terms are available in the LOYAL3 “Brokerage Account Agreement." Please read these documents carefully.

Also, as with any investment, you will want to consider stock purchases in the broader context of your investment objectives and financial circumstances, including other investments, your savings, and other assets, such as considering their diversity or variety (whether "too many of your eggs are in the same basket") and the relative risk of loss related to each.

In addition, the government has provided a useful public site to help provide investor education:

You may want to look at www.investor.gov (with specific attention to "Guiding Principles" and "Investing on Your Own") as well as obtain the "Investor Education Toolkit," which may be requested on the site. 

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